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Performer Applications

Name No. Friday Saturday Sunday Perfs Busk? Mics DIs Contact Phone Email Other Info Lineup
AD IV:AM 3 Fri Sat Sun Unlimited Y 3 3 Ted Nabung 0410 344 899   Main vocals & keyboards Lead guitar, rhythm guitar & vocals Bass guitar, rhythm guitar & vocals
AKoVA 1 - - Sun 2 N 4 3 Alexandra Kovacic 0416 00 00 80   2x guitars, ukelele, djembe, cajon, ankle bells, vocals
Anca 1 Fri Sat Sun Unlimited Y 1 2 Jessie Wilson 0490 248 101   Jessie Wilson - vocals, piano, guitar (loop pedal)
Array 3 Fri Sat Sun 2 N 1   James Gall 0405 599 661   Stanley Doyle- Lead Guitarist/Lead Vocalist James Gall- Drummer/Backup Vocals James Peppercorn-Bass guitarist
Ben Osmo 1 (3) Fri Sat Sun Unlimited Y 3 2 Ben Osmo 0409 118 933 Happy to sit in on flute and guitar with other acts that would like some company. Ben Osmo Vocals, Guitars, Flute playing solo sets. Ben may have some sets guests, Mark Arthur or Matt Kemp on Guitars on a set or two.
Black Iguana 3 - Sat Sun Unlimited Y 2 1 Kye Milne 0431 030 921   1. Guitar, Lead Vocals 2. Bass guitar, Backing Vocals 3. Drumkit
BluesAngels 4 Fri Sat Sun Unlimited N 5 7 (pref) Tom Flood (02) 4324 2801 Last time 2014 we donated the fee back in to help out so this time $400 seems appropriate. Cec often has a paper or Trad&Now to get out (every 2nd Friday) so weekend scheduling may be more successful. Tom Flood – vocals, harmonicas, 5-string banjo, acoustic guitar, acoustic slide, washboard, kazoo. Cec Bucello – vocals, acoustic guitar, banjo mandolin, mandolin, stompbox, kazoo. Hugh Worrall – vocals, saxophones, clarinet, acoustic guitar, kalimba, spoons, percussion. Graham Black - Hofner bass, acoustic guitar, tenor banjo.
Bonnie Kay & the Bonafides 6 Fri - Sun Unlimited N 4 1 Bonnie Kay 0425 236 694   Bonnie Kay acoustic guitar and lead vox Wayne Rigby Saxophone, flute Catherine Golden, Double bass, BV Kathryn O'Connor, drums, BV Kaiki Suzuki- trombone Nic Lewis- lead guitar
Cassidy-Rae 1 Fri Sat Sun Unlimited Pref. No 1 0 Cassidy-Rae Wilson 0438 564 762 I have been seriously so excited to be a part of this Festival! Thank-you for the opportunity to apply! :) Love,♥ xx List members in Act with instruments: Cassidy-Rae (pianist & vocalist) Cassidy-Rae (pianist & vocalist)
Chantal&Cesar 2 Fri Sat Sun Unlimited Y     Chantal Harrison 0422 944 840   Chantal - Singer with microphone Cesar - Guitarist with mic, 2 guitars and ukelele
Chris Rulewski 1 - Sat Sun Unlimited Y 0 2 (balanced) Chris Rulewski 0474 120 271 I will require access to 1 power socket Chris Rulewski
COOEE Band 9 - Sat - 2 Y 5 2 Kazu Milne 0423 322 620   2x guitar, 1x violin, percussion instruments
Daddy Longlegs and The Swamp Donkeys 4 - Sat (1-3) &/or 7pm+ Sun         Aaron Houston 0424 245 393   Stevie De Wilderbeast Wilde (Drums & Vocals) Jaybird -I lost my harmonica - Mckay (Harmonica & Babbling) Felix the Axe - Akurangi (Six string Bass & Vocals) Aaron - Hole Digger - Houston (Slide Guitar & Vocals)
Diana Figgis 1 Fri Sat Sun 3 Y 2   Diana Figgis 9499 8858   I’m a solo performer - just a mic for singing, and I use an amplifier for my ukulele ( I own a small one but if there’s one already on-site, that would be better from my point of view.)
Duo Jimenez 4 - - Sun 2 Y 4 4 Aldo Jimenez 0421897468   Hansel Jimenez Victor Jimenez Clorinda Miranda Christian Curi
East West Blues 2 Fri Sat Sun Unlimited Y 2 2 Steve West 0438 634 578   Steve West : acoustic guitar, harmonica, tambourine, vocals Emmanuel Gial: acoustic guitar, vocals
Forro de Soppro 5               Piu Abreu 0424 611 099    
Gar Mac Leman 1 Fri Sat Sun Unlimited Y 1 1 Gar Mac Leman 0488 091 842   Gar Mac Leman - Guitars, Harmonicas, Vocals, Songwriting
Gia Clarissa 1 - Sat Sun   Y 1   Gia Clarissa Nicolau 0452593927 As I live in Northwestern Sydney and I will be driving to the area, I would prefer the 11 to 12 noon slot on both days. It just makes it easier for me to travel to and from the location and also find parking. I will be taking my keyboard, keyboard stand, and seat. I sing originals and covers current performance set list is as follows: Beatles' Yesterday; Carpenters' For all we know; Original (Let us Give); Original (Beyond this time); Original (I Choose); Elton John's I Guess that's why they call it the blues; Original (Beautiful Dream); Billy Joel's 'New York State of Mind', Mary Hopkin's 'Those were the days'; Kiss' 'Beth'. I have others as well but have been playing these regularly. I've got an album of 10 songs already and other covers too. I grew up in the 80's so love 80's music so will be catering to the 35-60 year olds :). Hoping to release singles and the albums by the end of next year at the latest. Question: Can I do two slots at 45 min to an hour each. Thank you for paying us. If it's $100 per hour, I can increase the list of my songs. The one above i sing for around 45 to 50 minutes. I play keyboard and do the vocals.
Glen & Glenda 2 - Sat Sun Unlimited Y 2 1 Stephen Frosoni 0400 470 052 Maria Merle (vocals) Stephen Frosoni (acoustic guitar) Maria Merle (vocals) Stephen Frosoni (acoustic guitar)
Good Vibrations 24 Fri - Sun Unlimited Y 2   Fiona Lamb 0414 254 037   24 person choir, maximum of 2 soloists at any time
Grace Brown 5 Fri - Sun Unlimited Y 3 1 Grace Brown 0435 129 675 We would rather get a paid slot than a busking one, however if busking spot is all we can get then we will do that. Grace Brown - Vocals, Rhythm guitar Matt Stacey - Electric Guitar Sabby Jade - Bass Henry Kerr - Drums Andrew Chara - Keys
Heartlake 4 Fri Sat Sun Unlimited   3 2 Giacomo Benvenuto 0402 944 264   Giacomo Benvenuto (drums, backing vocals) Luca Benvenuto (bass) Julian De Laffitte (lead vocals, rhythm guitar, sample pad with laptop) Noah Djordjevic (lead guitar, backing vocals)
James Reinhardt 1 Fri Sat Sun Unlimited Y 1 1 James Reinhardt 0488 218 885   James - Guitar and Voice
Jeremy Smith 1               Jeremy Smith 0400 255 373    
Jess Josie Lee 1       Unlimited Y     Jess Josie Lee    
Jesse Redwing 1-3 Fri Sat Sun 2 Y 1   Jesse Redwing 0451 134 803   Jesse Redwing- Guitar, vocals (can be solo) Brendan Clark- bass Nic Meredith- drums
JonVal 4 Fri Sat - 3 Y 1 2 Shane 0421 259 432    
Jowe E 2 Fri Sat Sun 3 Maybe 2 2 Jowe E 00449 118 065   Jowe E & Connor
Jump The Shark 5 Fri Sat Sun Unlimited   4   James Reinhardt 0488 218 885   Georgie - Lead Vocals and Keyboards Alex - Bass and vocals Andy - Lead Guitar and vocals Grant - Rhythm Guitar and vocals James - Drums and vocals
Kate Lush Band 4 - - Sun Unlimited N 3 2 Kate Lush 0419 433 943   Kate - Vocals Matt Roberts - Guitar & Vocals Justin Duggan - Drums Tim Wilson - Bass & Vocals
LamBros 2 Fri Sat Sun 2 Y 5 2 Connor Lambro 0422 342 369 Although there are only two of us, our sound is very large and requires a lot of equipment. As such, it's MUCH more accurate to think of us as a full band rather than a duo. We require at least an 8 channel mixing desk with reverb, and we move around the stage a lot. To avoid any hassle for the sound engineer and stage manager on the day, we would like to avoid being placed on a small stage with a small setup. We realise it's hard to imagine, but if we play, we're sure you'll understand on the day! Additionally, we're currently (In August) undergoing a small name change from "Lambrou Bros." to "LamBros." so please excuse any material still labelled with "Lambrou Bros." We're a local northern beaches band that have grown up in the area. We'd love to represent our home with a great show at this festival! Cheers, Connor & Harry Connor Lambrou - Vocals, Guitar, Loop Pedal Harry Lambrou - Drums, Didgeridoo, Percussion, Backing Vocals
Lines of Flight 2 Fri Sat Sun   N 2 2 Brent Keogh 0432 882 003   Brent Keogh - vox, acoustic guitar, mandolin, oud, stomp box Katie Anderson - vox, flute, irish whistle, percussion
Little Coyote 5 Fri Sat Sun Unlimited N 3 1 Matt Coates 0404 257 278 Applying has been difficult, there is some technical problem. I have only uploaded one photo for this reason.. I hope this works. Please email me and we can provide more photos! Judd English - Vocals Matt Coates - Guitar Gareth Bussey - Bass Guitar Jamie Murray - Saxophone & Keyboard Anthony Dinh - Drums
Luke Escombee 1               Luke Escoe 0417 690 480    
Master Tiger 3-4 Fri Sat Sun Unlimited Y 3 3-4 Evan Guyatt 0403 853 920 We offer original songs and have an EP and album to sell. We encourage audience sing-along and dance and our shows include stories and humorous mid-song banter. Our standing cello player has a great UK accent! Evan - vocals, guitar, stomp, harmonica Jo - vocals, standing cello, tinwhistle Craig - vocals, guitar, keys, bass a fiddle/violin player/member - occasionally joins group but at this current stage is vacant.
Matt Fletcher 2 Fri Sat Sun 3 N 1 2 Matt Fletcher 0406 466 813   Matt Fletcher - Vocals, Acoustic Guitar Zakk Alchin - Electric Guitar
Me & Pete 2 Fri Sat Sun Unlimited Y 2 3 Ray Handley 0423 104 468 Other inks to music and information: Ray Handley - Acoustic 6 & 12 string guitar. Electric guitar, vocals, stompbox/Finhol Autostomp Pete Sinclair - Harmony vocals, flute, harmonica
Merilyn Steel 1 Fri Sat Sun Unlimited Y 1 1 Merilyn Steele 0403 869 364    
Michael Misa 1 Fri Sat Sun Unlimited Y 1 1 Michael Misa 0416 408 494 I have all my own equipment. Usually I run all my own gear and EQs through a small acoustic amp so I can just give sound guys a single line out to keep it easy for everyone.  
Midnight Movers 3 Fri Sat Sun 2 N 2 1 Peter Farrell 0401 930 036 Member of act, Peter Farrell performed at the 2016 Northern Beaches Music Festival, as a member of Afro Moses' band. Although we are predominantly an original act, we also have an extensive collection of cover repertoire which we are happy to perform, if we read the crowd as necessary to do so. We could even perform a cover-heavy set, if need be. Like our original music, our covers are mainly blues-influenced rock, including tunes by Creedence Clearwater Revival, The Doors, Jimi Hendrix, Cream and many other well-known artists. Alternative contact person: Adam Osmanovic; 0413106785. Adam Osmanovic - Lead vocals, Guitar Peter Farrell - Bass guitar, Backing Vocals Tom Dawson - Drums
Mon-Ami 1 Fri Sat Sun Unlimited Y 1 1 Monique Shippen 0432 660 749 I am a solo singer/songwriter who primarily accompanies myself on the keyboard - I bring my own keyboard, stool, microphone, microphone stand, music stand, sustain pedal and cables to every gig. I perform covers and originals in a wide range of genres and I have performed at the Northern Beaches Music Festival in 2015 as well as the Newport Beach Festival in 2016. Mon-Ami (Monique Shippen) - keyboard and vocals
Myd Lyfe Crysis 3 Fri Sat Sun Unlimited Y     Rhonda Mawer        
Narrownecks 3-4 Fri - Sun 3 Y 6 1 Harry O'Donovan 0425 328 511   Harry O'Donovan -Banjo/guitar/ vocal, David Hoffmann -fiddle/vocal, John Morris- Guitar/Vocal
Nathan Power 3 - Sat Sun 2 Y 3 2 Nathan Power 0420 615 980 Melbourne-based, would look to do a Friday night show near Sydney to make the weekend worth it! Nathan Power: guitar/vocals Stephen Hornby: double bass/vocals Pat Wilson: drums/vocals
Niq Reefman 1 Fri Sat Sun Unlimited Y 2 2 Niq Reefman 0423 985 788 I'm waiting on hearing from Dragon Dreaming festival whether my band got in. It runs concurrently to this festival. If my band doesn't get in, I'll be available. Niq - Trumpet, accordion, vocals, ukulele
Northern Rivers Folk Choir 40 - Sat Sun 2 Y 6 1 Peter Lehner 0425 268 771   40 singers plus director Peter Lehner on guitar for a few songs, choir is mostly a cappella
Patriarchs 5 - Sat Sun 2 Y 3 2 Mike Williamson 0447 234 331 We have done two gigs at the this event in the Tantric Turtle tent. Love to get on the main stage, Mike Williamson - Guitar Bruce England - Guitar/Keys Adam Walsh - Bass Eliott Cunnew - Vocals Shawn Rogut - Drums
Paul Davo 1 Fri Sat Sun Unlimited Y 1 1 Paul Davison 0418 962 656   Paul Davison
RAPT 3               Rosie McDonald 0412 949 842    
Rosco Brain 1-2 Fri Sat Sun Unlimited Y 1-2 1-2 Ross Brain 0430 447 396 I am not looking for a fee (this year), for playing the festival. Just very keen to play Me, (Rosco, guitar and vocal). POSSIBLY a guest vocalist or guitarist (depending on their availability).
Seanchas                 Rosie McDonald 0412 949 842    
SNEZ 1 Fri Sat - Unlimited Y 1 2 Snez 045099917   Snez – vocals, acoustic guitar, bouzouki
Strangelove 3 Fri Sat Sun 2 N 3 3 Cliona Molins 0405 540 777 Strangelove recently played as a duo at Fairlight Folk (12/8). We are also playing at Kangaroo Valley Folk Festival where Wendy and i will be doing our uke workshop. We encourage participants to learn a simple cumbia on their instrument combined with vocals and simple dance steps. Strangelove have a residency at Hemingways Cafe Manly the first Thursday of the month, where we regularly have people up to dance. Please come and bring some flyers for the festival! Wendy Twibill (lead vocals and ukelele) Cliona Molins (vocals and para celtic harp) pierre luniere (vocals and bass)
Stu Tyrrell 1 Fri Sat Sun Unlimited Y 2 2 Stu Tyrrell 0402 249 464   Stu Tyrrell - voice, stringed things (resonator/classical/tenor banjo/mandolin/guitalele), and foot percussion (stomp-box and foot tambourine).
Swimming to Florida 2 Fri Sat Sun Unlimited Y 2 1 Greg Thompson 0450 768 995   Greg Thompson (vocals, acoustic & electric guitar, ukulele) Lesley Braithwaite (vocals & percussion) Kazu Milne (violin, percussion) (TBC)
Te Amo Peru 12 - - Sun 2 N 0 0 Aldo Jimenez 0421 897 468   Sound tracks playback required,
The Charcoal Band 4 - Sat Sun 1 Y 4 4 Cameron Barnett 0431 861 253   Cameron Barnett: clarinet, saxophone, production Ben Swatton: trumpet, trombone Karl John: bass guitar, electric guitar Ryu Kodama: drums
The Love Machine 4 Fri Sat Sun 2 N 4 4 + 1 XLR         Sue Hoyle - vocals Margie Salem - guitar, vocals Pierre Luniere - bass, vocals Andrew Hoyle - guitar, vocals
The Mighty Resonators 5 Fri Sat Sun Unlimited Y 3 1 Zack Martin 0404 045 155   Zack Martin - Lead Vocals and Rhythm Guitar and Slide Guitar. Alex Bosi - Tenor Saxophone Chris Davis- Lead Guitar JP Vernon-Bass Donny Pather-Drums
The Mutual Acquaintances 4               Ian Barker 0420 301 350    
The Old Brown Boot Band 4 Fri - Sun Unlimited N 3 1 Doug Brown 0473 949 175 Our original song "Light Between the Light" made it to No 3 on the Reverb Nation Sydney Blues charts. Steve Cassar - Vocals Theo Samartzis - Bass Guitar and Backing Vocals Doug Brown - Guitar and Backing Vocals Roy "Shaggy" Ferntorp - Drums
The Pumps 3 - Sat Sun Unlimited Y 3 3 Ian Macintosh 0413998022 Would appreciate spots on same day if possible as band has to travel etc. Will do busking spot as long as official spot(s) is/are forthcoming Band appear at The Shack in September, and at Folk By The Sea Festival KIAMA 20/21 September. Ian 'The Pump' Macintosh - Melodion, Guitar Nigel 'Muddy' Walters - mandolins, harp, Guitar John 'Red Tips' Milce - percussion
The Regime 8 Fri - Sun Unlimited Y 5 1 Matthew stacey/Liam Stacey 0404679907 for Matt. 0404418351 for Liam.   2 singers (Alec's mikic, Liam Stacey) 2 rappers (Keegan, Ziggy) 1 bass player (Rory L) 2 guitarists (Rory B, Matt) 1 Keyboard (Andrew Chara) 1 Drums (Henry Kerr)
The Shwa 3 Fri Sat Sun Unlimited N 4 2 Christina Mimmocchi 0410 682 061 Unfortunately unable to perform Saturday night due to existing gig. Christina Mimmocchi - guitar, vocals Jess Ciampa - percussion, bass, vocals Lisa Cartwright - flute, vocals
The Trippy Hippy Band 5               Rosie McDonald 0412 949 842    
Tim Walker 1 - Sat - 2 N 1 1 Tim Walker 9517 2975   Soloist
Tyke Talty 1       Unlimited Y 1 1 Tyke Talty 0404 715 411